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"You can't outrun a bad diet"

In my Facebook feed I came across a post in a Fitbit group I follow. The article posted ends with the quote above and started with "Take off that Fitbit. Exercise alone won’t make you lose weight.

Quite the headline to stir up a group of Fitbit fans. I guess that was the goal the Washington Post author had, get people buzzing and draw more eyes to the article and the Washington Post. It worked on me.

I also decided to spend some time chasing the background links and saw that the common thread was a series of articles that were not so much research results, but rather, a series of scientific opinions suggesting what may be the source of the current epidemic of obesity. Manufacturing news out of scientific journal musings of causes of disease and calls for more research strikes me as a questionable behavior.

What I took away from my sufing was a couple of my own opinions. Something seriously wrong happened to nutrition in the developed world in the 1960's. Most of us lie or kid ourselves about how much we eat and how much exercise we get. Our self-talk downplays our calorie consumption and it overplays our exercise accomplishments. My guess is the 60's marked the dietary tipping point from home prepared whole food diets to overly processed, packaged and fast food loaded diets. My memory tells me that is true.

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