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There are so many people, articles, books, services and products that have influenced my fitness journey.  On this page I'd like to share just some of those things.  I discover more every day that you can follow on my social networking pages.   

Forks Over Knives is a great resource to understand the joint work of a leading nutritionist and a leading cardiologist.  The journey they took together is summarized well in a movie by the same name that is available on Netflix and other sources.   I was already into many of the ideas they have, but it really shook up my husband Mike who went 100% vegan for almost 2 years.   The health benefits of the Forks Over Knives lifestyle can be incredible, but it's not for everyone.  Click the icon to check them out and be sure to find the movie to get a great introduction to the science and the results people achieve with the program.  

Fitbit makes wireless activity and sleep monitoring devices.   I started to wear one a year ago and have kept using this gadget because it provides great feedback and it helps me stay on track to my goals.   It couples well with MyFitnessPal another application for your phone.  Together I can track the amount of energy my body is expending and consuming to help me stay on track to my combined goals.  By investing about 10 minutes a day to record what you eat, drink and what exercise you do you gain keen insights.  These insights will help you develop balanced nutrition and exercise habits.  These are great tools to help you stay on top of your fitness goals.

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